Android Training Course

Today, Android is the most popular operating system for smartphone users. As a recent study, 1.5 million Android devices are operating worldwide. More than 6,00,000 apps run on the Android platform, which helps the user to be smarter. In the coming years, the demand for the Android app is expected to double. There is a huge increase in the number of smartphone users and since then the need for Android app developers has increased. If you are interested in being part of the Android Development World, this Android Application Course is the right choice for you.

As one of the best Android training centers in Noida, we present you with a variety of skills and expertise to improve Android apps.

Learning Objectives: In this Android training module, you will learn the basic structures of the Android arena, download the tools used by any Android application developer and use them to create your first Android app. You will also learn how to use the android app on your device and device. We will delve deeper into the life cycle of the Android app and understand the functionality of the event listener

Topics to Cover: Android Basics, Android Architecture, Android Studio Setting – Change project parameters in Android Studio and Gradle architecture files, Add to Android Studio and Gradle architecture files, DDMS, I Activity Lifecycle, Event Listener.

Based on our development experience, we teach Kotlin and Java to develop the Android app. Kotlin is the official first language development app for android. It is short and easy to make mistakes, making it suitable for beginners. The benefits of Kotlin are many- it allows for compact coding, is ideal for multi-platform development, and ensures a high level of security. This editing language has a few features, which give you the ability to make a few mistakes. We will teach you details of the benefits and features of this language as we go along. If you want to get in-depth training at Kotlin, to improve your skills from start to finish, then you are in the right place. We at MTA India use integrated training methods, which help you to learn data types, operators, and other features related to the Android App Developer. This training is designed to guide you fully on the right path to becoming a Master of Software Developer!

Key Features

• Understand the main ideas of Android from the beginning to the advanced level

• Get a real understanding of the various Android development tools

• Collaborative and project-focused lab sessions

• Learn how to develop, design, deploy and test your applications.

• Learn the various tools, concepts, principles, and patterns needed to improve the Android app.

• Get Free E-learning Access in 100+ courses

This MTA India Android training course will give you all the information you need to work with the Android platform and the Android system. This Android tutorial will allow you to upgrade Android apps and subscribe to the Google Play Store to show the world your creativity. Other important topics covered in this training are Android architecture, its components and tools, app life cycle process, Structure Manager, various styles, menus, objectives, streaming notifications, SQLite website, and Google Play store registration.

MTA India offers strategic training paths for the certification skills required to support today’s technological world while offering a broad curriculum of application-focused courses for customers looking to implement new/upgraded business applications. We specialize in computer information technology development & management training to match the wide spectrum of IT applications across the globe. MTA India has a staff with experience of more than 12 years in the field of IT. Since the inception of our organization we have, focused on full student satisfaction, and aimed at providing a comprehensive, specially structured & professional training environment.

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